Sustainability Initiatives

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Grove Farm is committed to protecting its environmental resources through leveraging strategic partnerships and utilizing leading edge technology to strengthen the Kaua‘i community.

Grove Farm is a firm believer that fossil fuel dependency is the way of the past for Kaua‘i and the State of Hawaii.   Key partnerships have been formed with SolarCity and KIUC to develop one of the largest solar facilities in the State of Hawaii.  Grove Farm is also a founding member of Hawaii BioEnergy which focuses on local renewable bio-energy projects.

With the vast majority of Grove Farm's land holdings in agriculture, Grove Farm has voluntarily petitioned to have roughly 12,500 acres converted to Important Agricultural Lands (IAL).  The State Land Use Commission has unanimously approved the conversion of the lands to IAL which reserve the land for agricultural use in perpetuity.

Ecological restorations at the Makauwahi Sinkhole and Manager's home at Iliahi have been initiatives to preserve the ecosystem in which we live.  These projects live on today as educational tools used to teach Kaua‘i's youth about local culture and sustainability.

Beneficial Uses of Surface Water In Lihue

Important Agricultural Land Dedication

Renewable Energy