A Grove Farm Story

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We all value the importance of farming and agriculture yet the conveniences they provide are often taken for granted.  They play a role in the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the houses we live in, countless everyday items, and of course . . . the food we eat. 

Far more than planting a seed, watering it, and watching it grow, farming is hard work - both physically demanding and requiring long hours.  Farmers have to be salespeople and business owners, adapting to competition, changing market demands, and government regulations.  Needing in-depth knowledge for each of their crops, farmers understand more than just soils, pH levels and fertilizers.  They face challenges from unpredictable weather, drought, disease, pests, insects, feral animals, and even theft. 

For more than 150 years, Grove Farm and agriculture have gone hand-in-hand.  Demonstrating responsible stewardship of land and water resources, Grove Farm dedicates much of its land to agriculture, promoting our local economy, contributing to Kauai's sustainable future, and giving our farmers the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Our farmers come from a variety of backgrounds and have obtained their knowledge and passion through past generations, via education, and mostly through personal experience.  By taking the road less traveled, they are incredible, hard working people who are dedicated to their profession.

These are our farmers . . . we are proud of them . . . and we share their stories with you . . . 

"Don't be afraid to try new things. Don't give up."
Elmer Viernes


"They're not just money, they're my life."
Dustin "Bubba" Leach

"I'd rather be working on the farm"
Suthat "Dang" Promnonsri

"I never knew farmers had it so tough, until I did it"
Charles Reid

"Transported to another world"
Nap Seechachet and Wirat Yothachai


"You ask, and I give"
akda Meephol


"Dedication and Integrity"
Ron Ota


"April showers bring May flowers . . . and June Honey!"
Chris Kauwe


"Local produce for local restaurants"
Baltazar and Lolita Agassid


"I want to give the people fresh . . . at a good deal"
Bruce Jacintho


"You have to continuously dedicate yourself"
Remie Eugenio


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