Frogs, Pigs, and Emmy Awards

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“You put the frog in the coconut and cook it in the imu!” 

Grove Farm would like to congratulate Search Hawaii.  Their Emmy-winning performance was recognized on Saturday, June 4th in San Francisco.

Search Hawaii features Professional Chef Mike Lofaro and Cultural Practitioner Kainoa Horcado.  Together, they combine culinary excellence and local know-how to create an extraordinarily unique meal, for a lucky few.  As Mike and Kainoa describe, it’s ”where food meets culture.”

In this particular Emmy-winning episode, Mike and Kainoa begin by traveling to Kauai and meeting up with Grove Farm’s own, Boyd Gayagas.  Over the next 48 hours, Boyd, with the help of friends and family, expertly guide Mike and Kainoa through Grove Farm’s lands to obtain their ingredients the old-fashioned way.  Nearly every ingredient in their meal is picked, gathered, or hunted. 

Even frogs, from a Grove Farm stream, are caught and made into braised frog leg stew.  The frog legs, along with baby carrots, Japanese eggplant, baby bok-choy, and other vegetables are added directly into a bowl carved out of a fresh local coconut.  The coconut bowls are placed directly over the hot stones of an imu, a Hawaiian underground oven.

As for the main course, Chef Lofaro gives traditional kalua pork an imaginative twist.  Using ginger, garlic, green onion, tamarind paste, chilis, and other spices, he creates a rather non-traditional flavor.  As Fred Lopez, one of the pig hunters describes, “we eat pig all the time, but never had it like this…it’s really good.”

Overlooking Kauai’s southeastern shores, this one-of-a-kind meal is served inside Iliahi, the former Lihue Plantation manager’s home.  The fruits, vegetables and herbs used in these dishes come from Grove Farm lands, and were all grown by local farmers.

You can watch the full episode here, and access Chef Lofaro’s recipes at